We here at NHUMC believe that the church in every age is called to be a fresh expression of an ancient faith, and we are striving to do this in our neighborhood of Normal Heights.

We value the questions and the struggles of faith, and believe that it’s good to ask the hard stuff.

We love community.  Real community.  Babies, the elderly, and everyone in between all gathered for one celebration and meal.  That is church to us!

We are inclusive.  All are welcome to visit, attend, belong or lead.  Race, age, gender, sexual orientation are never factors when it comes to God’s spirit working in our community.

We think we grow closer to God when we worship with our hearts, work with our hands and think with our minds!

We value participation, not performance.  We don’t want anyone to perform in worship, but we love to participate and share.

We love to laugh.

We love our neighborhood!  (And are occasionally guilty of the sin of pride because we think Normal Heights is so great.)