Worship at NHUMC is about participation…not performance.

10:30am Worship

The first thing you may notice in coming to a worship service at NHUMC is that we are not set up like a traditional sanctuary or worship space.  While there are certainly traditional elements to us, like our 90 year old sanctuary and our old-world pews, that may be where the similarities end.  At NHUMC, our worship is never about sitting in pews staring ahead while a “sage on the stage” or professional musicians lead and perform… no, our worship is about inviting each and every person to celebrate God’s grace in that hour.

We believe that the church is not about programs or buildings, but is instead about the people that God has gathered to live in light of His love and grace.  So in our sanctuary, the pews and chairs are gathered in a circle so that we can all see each other as we worship.  Everything in worship takes place in that circle…singing, preaching, communion, even coffee!  And it is all casual, inviting and relevant.

Also in worship we focus on something we call the Sacred Ordinary.  Sacred Ordinary is a faith program that helps people see God in our everyday lives –even in places we might not expect.

Sacred Ordinary is completely focused on recognizing that the world is literally crowded with God. The more we see that, the more we notice that the ordinary parts of life: our work, our relationships, the way we spend our time can all be ways of witnessing God in the world.  So the most important part of worship sometimes is when we leave…will we continue to live and proclaim God?

1:00pm Samoan Service

Three times a month (2nd, 3rd and 4th Sundays) all are welcome at our 12:30pm Samoan worship service, here at Normal Heights UMC! We gather to hear music, preaching, and prayers in the native Samoan language. You’ve never heard such beautiful music, until you hear our choir singing together within our 90-year-old Sanctuary