Sacred Ordinary is the name of our worship service and celebrates seeing God in our everyday lives – even in places we might not expect. Everyone is encouraged to worship in ways they are led, through song, time together, our prayer stations and more. Sacred Ordinary focuses on recognizing that the world is crowded with God’s presence. The more we see that, the more we notice that the ordinary parts of life (work, relationships, how we spend our time) can all be ways of witnessing God in the world.

participation, not performance

We here at Normal Heights United Methodist Church see ourselves as a community church. Part of what this means is that we believe that community is not just a human need, but that it is also a sacred value. And so, every week we strive to not only remember the community gathered here, but also the community of Normal Heights that we are called to love and serve.

This sacred value of community is one of the reasons we sit the way that we do on Sunday mornings, so we can see each other’s faces and hear each other’s voices, and it is also why each and every week we give ourselves time to be community. This community time happens in worship and we take about 8-9 minutes to get a cup of coffee, move around the sanctuary, get a chance to meet someone new or to catch up with someone we haven’t seen for a few weeks.


Welcome to Normal Heights United Church! Here, we love community. Real community. Babies, the elderly, and everyone in between all gathered for one celebration and meal. That is church to us!

During the service all children are invited to stay in the sanctuary during the service to worship like kids… to create, laugh, sing or silly dance during the songs. Of course, we realize that little ones need some extra care! For these needs, we do offer bilingual childcare for ages 0-5. If this is for you, head down the outdoor hallway past the community garden to find our childcare room where our team will greet you. All of our team members are infant CPR certified, vaccinated against COVID-19, and have passed our comprehensive child safety training. Feel free to ask any staff person, connector, or greeter for more information!

For any questions about our children’s ministries, please contact our Minister & Director of Children through Young Adults, Melissa Tucker, at

4650 Mansfield Street
San Diego, California 92116

Service on Sundays
10:42am - noon

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Land Acknowledgement

We, at NHUnited Church, recognize that the land our building occupies is unceded Kumeyaay land. The Kumeyaay, also known as Diegueño in Spanish, have lived on the land for over 10,000 years, in the mountains, valleys, and coastal regions. We commit ourselves to caring for this land and its inhabitants in honor of the Kumeyaay people, and always in a spirit of stewardship, openness, and care of land and neighbor.

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