all are welcome

At Normal Heights United Church, all are actively welcomed and valued at worship, meals, spaces, events and especially in our sacred celebrations including communion, baptism and marriage. The fullness of our community is open to all ages, races, ethnicities, political affiliations, gender identities, sexual orientations, socioeconomic status, faith histories, marital status and mental or physical abilities. We welcome all to come as they are to participate, lead, love, be loved, challenge, edify, push, question, and belong.

who we are

Here at NHUnited, we are a community defined as…
Christian. Methodist. Progressive. Questioning.

Curious, Joyful, Diverse.
Biblical Lovers of Justice & Seekers of Truth.

what we do

Here at NHUnited, we gather in the name of Jesus to…
Worship together. Sing together. Have fun together. Laugh together. Eat & drink together. Study & learn together. Work toward justice together. Empower our community together.

what we believe

God’s abundant grace is eternal for everyone. Community is foundational. Social justice is integral to a life of faith. LGBTQ+ people are beloved and sacred. Black Lives Matter. You can’t love God without loving others. Climate change is real. Faith and doubt are not incompatible.

who you might be

Are you…

Longing for community? Curious about exploring your faith? Questioning your religious upbringing? Looking for a place that welcomes and values all? A former Christian or “ex-vangelical”? A pet lover? A neighbor in the Normal Heights community?

If so, Normal Heights United may be the place for you!

worship with us

NHUnited hosts Sunday morning worship services in our Sanctuary at 10:42am each weeks. Folks are invited to join us in-person, or worship virtually with us online via Zoom! 

If you’d prefer to participate join us online, you can get access to our Sunday Worship Zoom link each week by subscribing to our weekly email in the footer of this website below!


4650 Mansfield Street
San Diego, California 92116

Service on Sundays
10:42am - noon

contact us

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Land Acknowledgement

We, at NHUnited Church, recognize that the land our building occupies is unceded Kumeyaay land. The Kumeyaay, also known as Diegueño in Spanish, have lived on the land for over 10,000 years, in the mountains, valleys, and coastal regions. We commit ourselves to caring for this land and its inhabitants in honor of the Kumeyaay people, and always in a spirit of stewardship, openness, and care of land and neighbor.

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